Saturday, March 8, 2008

Song Saturday: Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla

If the primary end of music is to convey emotion and passion, then the Icelandic quartet Sigur Rós is one of the clearest demonstrations of this function. an excellent example. I first discovered Sigur Rós in high school when their album ( ) was reviewed on All Things Considered. Yes, the title is just two parenthesis. Described as a "glacial soundwash," this Icelandic quartet takes you on emotional journeys. Watch the video for their song Hoppípolla after the jump.

The video is both funny and oddly touching--due entirely to the music. A video portraying elderly men and women running about like children would usually strike me as strictly ironic. However music, along with the vignetting, lends a nostalgic feeling. The result is quite beautiful.

In addition, there is a much longer piece, Sigur Rós's new film "Heima." With a runtime of nearly ninety minutes, it definitely demands a longer sit. I haven't been able to afford that amount of time yet, but what I have watched is very good.

Visit their website, which features twenty songs available for download.

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