Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tropic Awesome

After catching a glimpse of this first look photo and its accompanying plot blurb, Tropic Thunder is officially one of my most anticipated flicks of aught eight. See that austere black gentleman in the middle? It's Robert Downey Freaking Jr! (shaping up to have quite the year between this and the stellar looking Iron Man) How could anyone not love the concept of his character: an Oscar winning actor so convinced of his skills that he gets dyed black for a role instead of just getting the script tweaked. Add Jack Black (looking freaky in the background) as a hack comic actor hooked on multiple roles and fat suits, the amazing Steve Coogan as a director who hates his cast enough to abandon them in a war zone, and the greatest cameo roster since Goldmember, and August 15 just won't come soon enough. This should be the funniest Hollywood satire since the underrated Bowfinger.

On a related note, I happen to know that my partner in crime actually got to visit the set in Hawaii last summer. Any cool stories to share, bro?

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Kakashi said...

Not really. The movie opens during a firefight in a Vietnam village, which turns out to be a movie scene. The set was quite impressive. The filming was on Kauai in Hawaii. Fun times.