Thursday, February 28, 2008

Watch Television Online: Blackadder Goes Forth (Blackadder Season Four)

Here's a little weekend project for you: "Blackadder Goes Forth," the fourth season of the wildly popular Blackadder series. For those unfamiliar with the series, each season follows an Edmund Blackadder (played by Rowan Atkinson), all members of the same family, at during different significant periods of English history. Last week, I featured the first season, "The Black Adder," set in the Middle Ages. The fourth season takes place during World War II.

All episodes are hosted at Veoh. Apparently, VeohTV isn't required to watch these episodes. Yay!

With Stage6 gone, I can't use Blackadder for next week's post. I'll find something for you. Enjoy!

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Thomas said...

Blackadder Goes Forth takes place in World War 1 actually.