Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dawkins Fears Phony Deathbed Conversion Stories

According to an interview with the Guardian, Richard Dawkins is worried that a deathbed conversion will be falsely attributed to him following his demise:

He seems much more worried about spurious reports of a fictitious deathbed conversion being put about by his enemies after he dies. He is probably not joking at all when he says "I want to make damn sure there's a tape recorder running for my last words."
With the philosophical fluff in his books (he claims that Thomas's First Way doesn't conclude because the first mover must be moved, thus ignoring the reducio ad absurdam of an infinite chain of movers) and his complete animus toward theists of any stripe, I don't think believers will be chomping at the bit to claim him as one of their own.

I'd rather have Christopher Hitchens anyway.

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Libertas said...

Yea, I prefer Christopher Hitchens too.