Friday, December 28, 2007

First of many

So here I am, finding within myself that most pitiable of new millenium cliches, the twentysomething blogger with a vague sense of dissatisfaction re: life and the "real world". Ugh. That having been said, it already feels just a little bit empowering to join the malaise ridden throng. This blog will be my special little place to keep my all important Written Communication Skills from withering on the vine and will most-likely-more-often-than-not consist of the media reviews that I really should have spent my bygone college years writing, had my pesky brain not convinced my beleagured soul that majoring in journalism or english could end only in a life of homelessless, albeit with amazingly written signs. But this is about looking towards the future, not mucking about in the past. I am proud of my business degree and proud to be gainfully employed, but also proud enough to know that a life far more exciting than quoting insurance in Spokane is mine for the takin', and sooner rather than later.

Update: A royal welcome to my dear old friend and dear new collaborater, John. While the above thoughts are my own, we're in pretty similar boats, even if his docks much closer to the sunny SoCal Pacific. How I envy him.

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