Monday, December 31, 2007

Ron Paul: The Blimp

I think Bryan at Hot Air puts it best when he says of Ron Paul: "Paul is where the paleo right and the anarcho left meet for drinks." Nonetheless, a blimp? Awesome! Hat tip to Hot Air.

Truth be told, there is no chance in hell that Ron Paul will win. The odds are slightly better that he'll become the next Perot/Nader. But he can fly his blimp around all day, menacing cities with the question "Who is Ron Paul?"

Speaking of blimps, there is a story on Drudge about a half-ton woman who recently died in England. And the rest of the world claims that Americans are fat?


paulthezag said...

Welcome, dear friend & co-author! And props for contributing the first multimedia element to the proceedings. I was fascinated by the fat british lady article mostly because of their apparent devotion to measuring weight in terms of "stone". Gotta go wiki that mother to see what it means in real American English.

DSil said...