Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Oscars. They're 80!!!

If there’s one word to describe this year’s Oscars, that word is Eurindian. So I might have made that word up just a little, but it captures the general dominance that European actors and independent films had upon the proceedings. As for the show itself, I thought that all parties involved did an admirable job at creating a brisk and enjoyable show that sidestepped many of the problems of years past.

Special recognition should be given to Jon Stewart, saddled with the unenviable task of presiding over a show whose very existence was in question less than three weeks earlier. He might have lacked the grandeur and polish of some hosts (I MISS YOU, BILLY CRYSTAL!) but his jokes were on the mark, he connected well with the crowd, and his skillful sarcasm with a touch of self deprecation are always welcome, especially to shmucks like me who live tragically cable-free lives and really miss The Daily Show. (Yeah, I know I can catch most of it online, but I’m too lazy. So there.)

Even the dreaded acceptance speeches stung less than usual. I place most of the credit for that on the shoulders of surprise winner Tilda Swinton (100% deserved it. She was actually my pick for should win but won’t) who gave a freewheeling & giddy speech for the ages that tore George Clooney several new ones, calling him out for his shameful past in Batman & Robin and for his infamous cockiness. It’s a good thing dude has a sense of humor, else I suspect he might’ve lept on stage and given the once and future White Witch a healthy pimp smack.

After the 3 hour and 15 minute show transpired, No Country For Old Men had its well deserved Best Picture win, Daniel Day-Lewis had his totally-stolen-from-George-Clooney Best Actor win, and entirely too much montage-ical fuss was made over a generally inconsequential anniversary (80th? Really? As much as I love the Oscars, they basically come down to watching Hollywood masturbate. So I can only assume that when the Oscars congratulate themselves, it’s like some sort of inbred circle jerk). Regardless, the show remained a movie lover’s delight that leaves us looking forward to an exciting new year of quality film and only 350-some days until the red carpet rolls out once more.

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