Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Madness: Hello Kitty is Everywhere

I have never understood the Hello Kitty phenomenon, a movement to brand everything with a mouthless cartoon cat and her adorable friends. To start off your week, here are some of the most bizarre instances I have found on the internet.

Want to get into the occult, but it's just not cute enough? Here's a card from the Hello Kitty deck of tarot cards:

Hello Kitty Bondage Room at a Japanese Hotel:

What disturbs me most is the lollipop shape:

Hello Kitty Urinal Target. Men, you can now take out your disgust with Hello Kitty in the way you've always wanted without your wife/girlfriend/daughter/questionably gay friend/openly gay friend being upset about a soaked Hello Kitty plush:

Hello Kitty Contacts? That's too weird:

The picture says it all:

How to ruin a Ferrari:

The force is gay with this one:

A tattoo? Wouldn't want to be sattled with this for my entire life. This better be on a girl:

Because guns are too scary and mean here are two Hello Kitty firearms:

And last, clean up all this this crap, Hello Kitty toilet paper:

1 comment:

Emily said...

My husband and I can't decide whether we're more disturbed or entertained . . .

probably more disturbed . . .