Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fact: Jack Bauer Pwns Chuck Norris

Fact: Chuck Norris is so corny that ethanol producers believe him to be a vast, untapped source of alternative energy.

Fact: Chuck Norris is so painful to watch that nine out of 10 Americans would rather take a roundhouse kick to the face from him than sit through an episode of “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

Fact:Chuck Norris is so pathetic that Jack Bauer tracked and killed him in only 21 hours, then took a three-hour nap.

Fact: Chuck Norris is such a bad actor that even Keanu Reeves flips the channel whenever he sees Chuck on TV.
From some new "Huck-Chuck Facts," from a disgruntled conservative blogger. I love the Jack Bauer one.

H/t to Hot Air.

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