Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday Weird: Bacon Cornucopia

Today's Wednesday post is dedicated to bacon, one of my favorite foods.

While using StumbleUpon, I discovered the website for a product called Bacon Salt, which, as the name implies, is salt that makes things taste like bacon. I like bacon, and I like putting salt on foodstuffs, so I'm going to go buy some of this wonderful sounding spice and try it out. As their web site says, "Why have fries when you can have bacon fries." An interesting side note: Bacon Salt is kosher. Now observant Jews can find out what they've been missing out on. Delicious.

Next is a monstrosity of arterial clogging: A 22 slice bacon sandwich, which is 1 and 1/4 lb. of bacon:

We next have the bacon wallet:
And for those ladies who love the pig, you let it be known that you love bacon with your very own "I heart Bacon" underwear, in case your love of the crispy wasn't being proclaimed loudly enough by your huge ass.
And if that isn't enough, here's a bit of bacon comedy.


paulthezag said...

Holy Moses, if Bacon Salt is even 2/3 as good as it seems like it might, the world will never. be. the. same. I think I'll take a 10 mile detour after work to pick some up at a grocery store north of Post Falls.

Kakashi said...

Yeah I found a store in Moorpark, so I'm gonna head out and score me some power based hog!