Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stupid People: Spinning Rims; Weird People: Furries with Rims

Spinning rims--"spinners"--are a complete waste of money. I'm not sure where the appeal lies. "Look, my rims are demonstrating the interial tendency which the car had before I applied the brakes. Pimp!" Perhaps the appeal comes from the illusion of motion. "My car looks like it's moving, but it's not. Can you wrap your mind around that?" Yes, your car is stopped but the rims keep spinning. That's completely useless. However, since this fad comes from the same subculture that has given us gold "grills", I don't think I will ever understand their appeal. Below is something which is more than stupid. It's just plain freaky.

Truly one of the weirdest goddam things I have ever seen.

Furries are people who get off on dressing up in anthropomorphic animals. But underneath their freaky costumes they are still human beings. Here we have some black(?) furries, showing off their hip hop and spinning rims. To demonstrate how pimp they are, one of them spins the rims. Then they stop, so he spins them again, thus demonstrating to us that while the car is actually immobile, the wheels look like they are still rolling. And what the hell is up with the lavender colored dog getting his freak on? These individuals need some serious therapy.

To see how Furries stand in relation to other geeks, check out The Geek Hierarchy from Brunching Shuttlecocks.


paulthezag said...

dude, you keep posting these furry vids and I'm gonna start to assume that they're just the clean ones that you stumble across while looking for the naughty ones.

Kakashi said...

This was more of an excuse to make fun of spinning rims AND link to the Geek Hierarchy in the same post. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. And I found this while trying to explain to Evan what the f*** a furry was after reading this article on "WTF!?: The 8 Strangest Communities on the Web," which listed at number three, a Christian furry web community. Check out Cracked's article here: After finding the video, he spinning rims and rap music combined with idiots in fur suits was too good not to mock.

Anonymous said...

I see the problem here then: You're using a sensationalist website aimed at distorting the truth or flat out lying to gain attention as a source of information. is a humor site that creates stereotypes and redefines lesser-known groups to be worthy of Lulz.

Their article on FurrsFurChrist was amazingly innacurate as is your understanding of what a furry is. Only about 20% of those involved in the fandom dress up like anthropromorphic creatures and only a small percentage of them use that practice for anything sexual.

It's just another fandom like Trekkies. Everyone involved has different ways that they do things and basically all being a furry means is that you are a fan of anthopromorphic art, stories, or styles. That doesn't decide your spirituality, sexuality, or standards.

For better enlightenment, read this: