Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Self-Referential Cloverfield Post: Cloverfield Makes Some Viewers Sick; Japan "Attacked" By Nessie

According to the Los Angeles Times, Cloverfield's handycam style is making some patrons green at the gills:

Since the movie opened last Friday, some patrons say they felt nausea and dizziness while watching the horror flick, much of which was filmed in a jerky motion with a hand-held camera.
This is not necessarily anything new. Japanese distributors of Babel warned theaters that the film contained "scenes with strong effects and that some viewers felt sick after seeing them...." However the best way to induce queasy feelings is watching any movie with Eddie Murphy in a fat suit. Paul, you better not defend Big Momma's House or the first Nutty Professor as a fun guilty pleasures in the comments...

Additionally, it seems the market disagreed with my trailer review (and thus agreed with Paul's film review): Cloverfield has already made $49,930,019. It has a 74% at Rotten Tomatoes and a 64 at Metacritic.

And over in Japan, if real gigantic monsters wreaking aren't wreaking havoc on cities then they'll try to create their own:


paulthezag said...

How DARE you suggest that I would defend black comedians in fat suits comedy. For effing shame, John. I have a couple standards. My days of paying to see Big Mamma's House (I was 14 and bored!!!) are far behind me.

Kakashi said...

Well, you seem to have a tendency towards towards guilty pleasure films (didn't you admit to seeing Ghost Rider?). And that tendency manifests itself as such: "Well, the movie was terrible but there was this one funny part..." To be fair, and in all seriousness, I retract any implication that you would defend Norbit or Nutty Professor--but Big Mamma's House...I thought there was a remote possibility. My apologies.

Actually, your excuse for seeing a crappy movie sounds similar to my brother Peter's excuses for seeing low grade recent releases: "I only went to hang out with my friends," which is another way to say, I was bored.