Thursday, January 3, 2008

Stupid People: A New Feature

After my chiding of stupid drunk British youth, I have decided that posting pictures of stupid people is an easy way to generate content. Here is my first installment:

I have no desire to get a tattoo. Never have, and hopefully, never will. I don't necessarily have anything against those who do get inked, provided it's discrete and intellegent. A former co-worker of mine had a slightly misshapen red asterisk on her wrist. When I asked her about it, she informed me with an air of annoyance that it was obviously the Red Hot Chili Pepper's logo. I begged to differ, but didn't feel like making an issue of it. Now, that was a stupid thing to have tattooed on your wrist. A logo for a band which doesn't routinely use said logo on their albums. Yeah, you're cool. But such idiocy doesn't even begin to compare to this:

Three letters: WTF? The thought process behind this seems to be:

"I love my daughter, my country, and Star Wars, but how to express these loves to other people? I know, I'll get a mural of the death star being blown up with my daughter's name at the top. And in the center I can have an American flag pattern in a pair of hands. Aww, what the hell, why not throw in a ankh as well--to show my spiritual side. Now, just in case people can't tell what's represented or which I care most about, I'll have a list of the elements according to order of importance."

Hat tip to The GinBlog.


Melann said...

Dudesies, this is a funny blog! And, it's surprisingly similar to the blog that my best friend and I have - check us out:

Keep it funny!

Jen said...
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